House of Cards, the crap version

Linking to Dan Hemmens’s takedown of the American version of House of Cards. I’m a big fan of the original series and was disappointed in the American version, for many of the reasons that Hemmens lists.

I have to add one observation–Hemmens notes that Uruqhart’s affability seduces the audience (as opposed to Underwood’s snarling big-boy act–Spacey makes evil seem so stressful), but he misses the difference between Uruqhart and Underwood’s victims, which is just as important. Many of Uruqhart’s victims are one-dimensional Tory scum–there’s the ultra-moronic one, the Jewish wet, the closety one, and the loud one that has to buy his own furniture. All of these men are at least as sleazy as Uruqhart, if not as clever, and it’s enjoyable to watch Uruqhart make ’em jump. Continue reading →