“The Name of the Wind” and how to write a Mary Sue

I think a few people have come here from some posts I’ve made on Ronan Wills’s wonderful teardown of the Name of the Wind, so I’d like to link to a good post by Chimaera about how the main character, Kvothe, is a pompous jerk whose behavior in no way reflects actual human interaction. (Which is a long way to say “he’s a Mary Sue.”) Enjoy!


I know I’m late to this happening

But if the writers hadn’t let their weeablaxploitation tendencies get the better of them, they could have been the next Whedons!

(Seriously, a girl fights monsters, helped by a dorky male sidekick? Now I’ll never get to know if she gets to kill monsters with her poison vagina [and yes, that was Whedon, not our very apologetic Kickstarter friends].)