Shocking example of ageism at Daily Mail

It’s time to talk about the Daily Mail again!

For readers unaware of the Mail’s latest antics, the paper published a piece attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph, for hating Britain. According to the Mail, Ralph was a bad man who wanted to introduce socialism, the most evil form of governance possible, into Britain. He also fought some Nazis, but readers need to remember was a foreign socialist and possibly some sort of Jew.

Ralph Miliband was a public figure in his own time–he was a professor at the London School of Economics, and he contributed to various left-leaning publications. However, now he is permanently dead and the ideology he espoused is temporarily dead. He threatens absolutely nobody, except for people who enjoy creating threats in their own mind, based on redbaiting and antisemitism of a 1950s vintage. Apparently there are fewer of these people than people with sympathetic pride in their dear old dads, even among Mail readers, so the article was a misfire. Miliband junior was understandably upset and wrote a reply to the article, but then the Mail replied to him on the same pages, stating that it was perfectly fine to have run the original article and also implying that Miliband would send dissidents to mental institutions and rule the Daily Mail through a commissar. Right now I think there’s fighting over whether the Mail is a victim as an institution because somebody called their articles anti-Semitic, and that hurts the Mail’s institutional feelings.

I was going to write about how the original article was so ill-judged that it could only be some sort of conspiracy to drum up interest in Miliband, using a particularly blunt form of reverse psychology. Somewhere in a dark room, Paul Dacre and Gordon Brown cooked up the article to support Gordy’s chosen one. However, there is a much better conspiracy theory out there: a commenter with the enchanting name of” ChooseDeath” states that the article was a trap for Dacre, who is being led to his destruction by the Mail on Sunday’s ambitious editor. Further research suggests that this may indeed be the case.

Here’s the real kicker, though. Dacre’s editorial rival is… an Eton alumnus who ran a anti-poverty campaign and lives in Notting Hill.

Poor Paul. An old man, about to be thrown away for a younger Cameroon beauty. Is there no justice in this filthy world?


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