A Tribute to the House of Viktor Pshonka, Prosecutor General of Ukraine (2010-2014)

In the midst of the turmoil in Ukraine, a Kiev museum is exhibiting the “treasures” of the country’s fled leaders. Of course, many of these things are not treasures, but instead are exhibited to show how ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and his cronies wasted the Ukrainian people’s money on complete and utter tat. I wish I could go myself, in the spirit of “tasteful friends,” but I have to rely on the English-language Internet and the powers of Google Translate.

Which is where I run into a problem of history. English-language media attributes all this junk to Yanukovych, but although I’m sure he was capable of buying all this crap for himself, it isn’t all his—some of it, and some of the tackiest, was the property of Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Viktor Pshonka. Continue reading →


Is George R.R. Martin Telling a Rape Joke, Because Come On

Hey, the new season of Game of Thrones is coming out! I like the Game of Thrones tv show, it’s like the books but some of the stupid taken out! And with pretty things to look at instead of endless poorly done descriptive prose! All hail the televisual format!

So let’s celebrate with a new chapter from the inferior source material! Guess what, Arya is almost all grown up and that means lots and lots of rape! Seriously, from stage rape to kid rape to prostitute rape, this one has all the rape scenarios. If you like your sex without consent or adults, this is one for you. Continue reading →