Ed Anger vs. the Ukrainian Nazis

I have to defend the last thing on earth I thought I would ever defend—Twitter journalism! I’ve been following events in Ukraine, and while I don’t feel like I can comment on events themselves, I can comment on how people are reacting to those events, and reacting to reactions to those events (wheels within wheels, thanks, Internet). David Stern is arguing over at National Geographic online about the Twitter response to Odessa and how it’s poisoning the well for anyone who wants to know the “reality” of Ukraine.” I think he’s being a bit too harsh on the medium and the message and a little too optimistic about the message’s consumers. Continue reading →


Eurovision 2014

Something special is happening this weekend! In America, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! And in Europe, it is Eurovision Night on Saturday! Eurovision, for the uninformed, is an hours-long television contest in which musical representatives from European countries compete to see who can get the most points from judges from friendly neighboring countries, oops, I mean they compete to see which country has the best song. Many famous artists have won Eurovision, including ABBA, France Gall, and… Celine Dion? Buck’s Fizz? (Sorry, Britain.)

Anyway, I watched some of the songs for this year’s contest! Continue reading →