Let’s Read Queen of the Tearling: Chapter Six

It’s a two-fer today! We’re almost halfway through.

Kelsea has finally entered the Keep. She wakes up in her mother’s bedroom, which is quite frou-frou and described at length. How long ago did her mother die, anyway? How are the sheets still fresh? Gross.

Kelsea remembers an incident from her childhood, when she stole one of Carlin’s dresses and pretended to be a queen. Carlin freaked out, tore the dress off, slapped her, and didn’t speak to her for a week. Kelsea looks back on this incident and misses Carlin, whom she realizes slapped her because of nasty old girly Elyssa. Continue reading →


Let’s Read Queen of the Tearling: Chapter Five

A bit of a Thanksgiving break from various classes, and a new chapter!

Before we begin, I’ll revisit Chapter Four, as I missed a bit of the action that will probably play a part in the rest of the plot, but more importantly shows the heroine’s attitude. Kelsea is in camp with the stunningly awful Fetch. He’s about to let her go, but then tells her that he wants to keep one of her magic gewgaw necklaces.

“This necklace is yours; I don’t claim it for myself. But I’m going to hold onto it.”

“Until when?”

“Until you earn it back with your deeds.”

Kelsea opened her mouth to argue, thought better, and shut it. Here was a man who did almost nothing spontaneously; everything was deliberate, so the chances of changing his mind with words were slim. Continue reading →